J.League YBC Levain Cup Feature: Footyscran's Top 5 J.League Scran

J.League YBC Levain Cup Feature: Footyscran's Top 5 J.League Scran

Every J.League stadium offers more than the thrill of football. Our grounds are also a celebration of Japanese culture, including its mouthwatering cuisine.

As we approach the highly anticipated 2023 J.League YBC Levain Cup Final on November 4th, fans are not only eagerly anticipating the action on the pitch but also the gastronomic delights that await them at a showpiece event sponsored by world-renowned snack company YBC Levain.

True to the tournament’s culinary roots, in this article we present Footyscran's top 5 J.League "scran," showcasing the most delectable dishes to savor at a Japanese football match ahead of the J.League YBC Levain Cup Final.

Steak & rice meal, Nagoya Grampus (🇯🇵¥1300, 🇬🇧£7)

Nagoya Grampus's Toyota Stadium is home to not just one of the J.League’s best defensive teams but a hearty steak and rice meal that is sure to impress. This dish features succulent slices of steak served over a bed of fluffy rice, with a side of greens, making it the perfect option for fans seeking a filling, satisfying, and nutritious meal at the football.

Steak and rice meal

Katsu meal, Kyoto Sanga (🇯🇵¥600, 🇬🇧£3.50)

Kyoto Sanga's fans can delight in their delicious katsu meal. It features crispy and tender breaded cutlets, served with a savory sauce and steamed rice. The affordability and mouthwatering taste make it an ideal choice for matchday feasting.

image (12)

Yakitori bowl, Kashiwa Reysol (🇯🇵¥800, 🇬🇧£4.50)

Kashiwa Reysol's home ground offers some of the most intimate views in the J.League — and a scrumptious yakitori bowl. Showcasing skewers of succulent grilled chicken, this tender meat is served over a bed of steamed rice, keeping your hands clean and belly full during the match.

Yakitori Bowl

Premium kobe beef with beer, Vissel Kobe (🇯🇵¥2500, 🇬🇧£13.75)

For a truly luxurious matchday experience, head to Vissel Kobe's Noevir Stadium and savor premium Kobe beef, often paired with a refreshing beer. This generous portion of exquisite wagyu is beautifully marbled, world-renowned for its exceptional tenderness and flavor, and is surely the best beef you’ll ever have at a football ground at a bargain price.

Premium Kobe beef with beer

Strawberry waffle at Yokohama F・Marinos (🇯🇵¥800, 🇬🇧£4.50)

No J.League culinary journey is complete without a sweet treat and it doesn’t get much better than the strawberry waffle at Nissan Stadium. This fruit-filled delight offers a perfect blend of waffle, fresh strawberries, and creamy toppings, ensuring a decadent and delectable start to your matchday.

Strawberry waffle

As we celebrate these delicious offerings, it's impossible to overlook the upcoming 2023 J.League YBC Levain Cup Final. So much of the tournament’s spirit resides in YBC Levain's involvement, a snack company renowned for its delectable treats.

On November 4th, the best teams in the J.League will battle for supremacy in a tournament that unites football and snacking culture, and fans from across the globe will tune in to witness the action.

You can catch every moment of this thrilling YBC Levain Cup Final live on jleague.co and YouTube, making it an international spectacle for football — and Footyscran — enthusiasts everywhere.