Get to know the rules and regulations for the 2023 J.League YBC Levain Cup Final

Get to know the rules and regulations for the 2023 J.League YBC Levain Cup Final

With the 2023 J.League YBC Levain Cup final between Urawa Reds and Avispa Fukuoka nearly here, it's time to break down the rules and procedures for the landmark occasion.

20 clubs were entered in this competition at its outset, with just two now remaining following the completion of the group stage and the quarter- and semi-finals of the knockout phase known as the Prime Stage.

This final match to settle the newest J.League Cup champion will, as usual, consist of a regulation period of 90 minutes, split into two 45-minute halves.

However, if the scores remained tied at that point, we will play 30 minutes of extra-time, broken into two 15-minute periods.

Should the deadlock not be broken at that point, there will be a penalty shootout, with the initial five shooters followed up by sudden-death spot kicks, if needed.

The usual substitution rules are in place, with the teams given five subs in three windows (excluding half-time) but both teams will receive an additional change and window in extra-time (excluding half-time of extra-time).

Concussion protocol is also in place, with teams given the opportunity to change a player without losing a substition in the event of a head injury.

We're looking forward to having you join us for the big match, with the bulk of our international fans able to watch over on YouTube at 13:05 JST on Saturday.