Youngsters complete rookie course

Youngsters complete rookie course

The annual J.League Rookie Symposium was held from February 1st through 3rd in Shizuoka Prefecture.

131 players participated in the event, which featured lectures and group work introducing many new subjects that they will encounter in their professional career.

“You will frequently make mistakes in your first year,” said 2016 J1 League MVP Kengo Nakamura through a video message.

“What is important is how you deal with these setbacks.”

The rookies’ introduction went beyond how they should conduct themselves on the pitch, including talks on anti-social activities, match fixing, social media use, and anti-doping regulations, amongst other subjects.

“More than becoming a professional athlete, we have to become aware that we are becoming members of society," said incoming Kashiwa Reysol defender Taiyo Koga. 

"There are a lot of new responsibilities that go beyond those of a high school student and I want to learn them thoroughly."