Strategic Partnership Agreement Sealed with LaLiga of Spain

Strategic Partnership Agreement Sealed with LaLiga of Spain

The Japan Professional Football League (J. LEAGUE) sealed a strategic partnership agreement with the Spanish professional football league, LaLiga, on Thursday, June 22nd.


LaLiga is a league of world-class clubs and has produced the winners of the UEFA Champions League for the past four seasons in a row. This strategic partnership agreement will especially involve activities aimed at raising the quality of play.

The agreement with LaLiga is the J. LEAGUE’s 11th agreement with a foreign league and first outside Asia.  It follows agreements with the professional leagues of Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Qatar and Australia.

Outline of the Strategic Partnership Agreement Sealed between the Japan Professional Football League and LaLiga

■ Sealed:
Thursday, 22nd June 2017

■ Place:
Japan Professional Football League, JFA House, Tokyo

■ Representatives:
Mitsuru Murai, Chairman, Japan Professional Football League(J. LEAGUE)
Javier Tebas, President, LaLiga

■ Content of the Strategic Partnership Agreement:
1. Exchanges between professional clubs, including arrangement of matches between first teams.
2. Provide guidance and assistance on Technical and Youth development (Including women’s football)
The organization of international youth tournaments etc. by both leagues, for exchanges between youth players, technical staff, and coaches.
3. Promote fair play and Integrity on and off the field
Staff seminars and the sharing of knowhow and resources.
4. Club and League Management
Short- and medium-term programs for league and club staff, and observation of events etc. of both leagues.   

■ Notes:
Under the J. LEAGUE agreements, the J. LEAGUE handles players having the same nationality as a partner league in exactly the same manner as Japanese players. This does not apply to players having the nationality of a strategic partner league, namely those with Australian or Spanish nationality.