MEIJI YASUDA J.LEAGUE WORLD CHALLENGE 2019 General ticket sales start on June 9 (Sun) at 10:00

MEIJI YASUDA J.LEAGUE WORLD CHALLENGE 2019 General ticket sales start on June 9 (Sun) at 10:00

The general ticket sales for the MEIJI YASUDA J.LEAGUE WORLD CHALLENGE 2019 will begin on June 9 (Sun) at 10:00 with dynamic pricing.



●Host:Japan Football Association/Japan Professional Football League

●Organizer:Japan Professional Football League/Kanagawa Football Association

●Title Partner:Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company

・Date 19:00 Friday, July 19, 2019
・Fixture Kawasaki Frontale vs. Chelsea FC
・Venue Nissan Stadium
For detailed ticket information, please visit the dedicated page on
For English page to buy tickets, please scroll down and visit the page listed in "▪️How to buy tickets ③Inbound Site" below.

※Please press your keys (9♯) in accordance with the audio guidance
※You cannot reserve tickets by calling this number
※Calls from withheld numbers will not be accepted
※0570 numbers are not available for some mobile phones, PHS, CATV and connection phones
※For details, please contact your phone company

■Ticket Categories/Prices

※Although Kawasaki Frontale is considered as the home side for this match, Kawasaki Frontale fans are located on the righthand side of the main stand, like a league match at Nissan Stadium.

Single Ticket

<Uniform Set Ticket>
Please see details here: (in Japanese only)

【Details of each ticket category】
*1 Stamford Bridge Seat
・You can watch the game from the special pitchside seats
・All seats are reserved. Please check the seat number on your ticket
・Even if you apply for tickets for multiple persons, you might not be able to reserve seats next to each other
・Remain seated during the match not to obstruct spectators in Category 3, Category 4 and Family Seats
・While you can re-enter after going to the bathroom, etc., refrain from leaving your seat during the match
・Return to your seat before the kickoff of the second half if you leave your seat during the half-time
・Do not eat or drink on the pitch level (with the exception of water)
・It is forbidden to bring flags, drums or any musical instruments
・Only sports shoes are allowed (You cannot wear leather shoes, or shoes with spikes or high heels)
・Although seats are available even in case of rain, it is forbidden to use umbrellas. In case, please bring a poncho or another kind of rainwear
・For security reasons, the stadium staff might ask you to wait when you try to enter right before the kickoff or during the match.
・The pitch might be watered after the warm-up and/or during the half-time. The water could reach the seats, depending on the wind
・Pictures of the spectators in the pitch-level seats could be used for publicity and business by J.League and/or its clubs (official website, mobile website, etc.) as well as by the other media (broadcasting, TV, newspaper, etc.)
・This ticket cannot be used by preschool children. Please note that the LED signboard might block the view for the children
・You are allowed to support and wear supporting goods of either team
・Please use the wheelchair seat in the main or back stand if you are in a wheelchair

Restriction on cameras
It is forbidden to record videos or audio
Pictures can be taken only for private usage. Other usage (uploading to the Internet, SNS, etc.) is not allowed due to the image rights of players, managers, coaches, etc. It is forbidden to bring a camera with a telephoto lens (which is longer than 100mm), monopod or tripod. Flash pictures are also not allowed
※Use of smartphones, cameras on cell phones, small digital cameras (approx. W110×H75×D40mm) is allowed

*2 Plus One Ticket (4 persons): A 4-person group ticket available for the price of three Category 4 tickets

*3 Family Seat variations 
(1) 2 adults and 1 child (elementary or junior high school student) 3 persons in total 
(2) 1 adult and 2 children (elementary or junior high school student) 3 persons in total
(3) 2 adults and 2 children (elementary or junior high school student) 4 persons in total
(4) 1 adult and 3 children (elementary or junior high school student) 4 persons in total
・Please enter in a group

*4 Natsusuta Hodai Seat
・Include all-you-can-drink ticket for 4 persons
・You can drink beer, sour, soft drinks, etc. From the second drink on, you can receive it in exchange for an empty cup
・You might be asked to show your ID card for age verification

*5 Wheelchair Seat
・A parking permit will be issued when you purchase a Wheelchair Seat
・Please show your parking permit at the entrance of the parking space
・You can only park one car for a Wheelchair Seat ticket
・This ticket can be only purchased through J.League Ticket
・This ticket is available from the second J.League Ticket pre-sales starting on May 29 (wed)
・This ticket is available for the same price during the general sales period starting on June 9 (Sun) and during the pre-sale period (Dynamic pricing will not be applied)

●Prices include consumption tax
●Registration for a J.League ID membership is required to purchase tickets through J.League Ticket
●Maximum of 6 tickets per person
●The pre-sales prices apply during the pre-sales and dynamic pricing in the general sales period (Please see the price table)
●Wheelchair Seat and Uniform Set Ticket are available for the fixed price also in the general sales period starting on June 9 (Sun)
●Tickets will not be sold on the matchday if all tickets sell out in advance
●The dynamic prices in the general sales period also apply to the matchday tickets
●You can choose either Kawasaki or Chelsea side when purchasing Premier Seat, Category 1, Category 2, Category 3, Family Seat, Natsusuta Hodai Ticket or Behind-the-Goal Unreserved Seat
●Nursing rooms are located around areas N11, N16 and E11

■QR Ticket
Digital ticket “QR Ticket” with a QR code can be purchased anytime on the internet and there is no need to print out the tickets
For details, visit J.League Ticket ( (in Japanese only))

■How to buy tickets

<General Sales ※First come, first served. Dynamic pricing>
June 9, 2019 (Sun) 10:00-

●Internet/Mobile Phone
①J.League TicketAvailable with dynamic pricing at


●Internet/Mobile Phone
② Ticket Pia◎Internet
◎Mobile phone
※Registration (free) is required to purchase tickets
※Dynamic pricing
●Phone Reservation
② Ticket Pia0570-02-9999(Automatic audio reservation/24 hours)
※Closed between 2:30 and 5:30 on Tuesday and Wednesday for maintenance
※Calls from withheld numbers will not be accepted 【P-code:843-019】
※Dynamic pricing
② Ticket PiaAvailable at Ticket Pia stores and 7-Eleven around the country
※Dynamic pricing


③ English Ticket SiteAvailable with dynamic pricing at


(※)What is Dynamic Pricing?
Predicting the needs for each match based on big data analysis regarding fixtures, ticket types, market condition, weather, personal preference, etc., dynamic pricing enables fans to purchase tickets at proper prices by automatically adjusting them according to the situation. Depending on when the purchase takes place, prices could change. Please check the latest prices before purchasing tickets. The prices are adjusted by the price-calculating technology of Dynamic Plus Co., Ltd, based on the ticket sales of similar matches in the past as well as during this sales period. Prices could be lower or higher than the pre-sales prices. In case the match is cancelled or postponed and a refund is due, the amount returned will be equal to the price paid when tickets were purchased. Change or cancellation of an order is not possible after purchasing the tickets. 

【Contact】J.League Public Relations Department(TEL:03-3830-1866/FAX:03-3830-1910)