J.LEAGUE clubs lend helping hand in their communities through hometown activities

J.LEAGUE clubs lend helping hand in their communities through hometown activities

J.LEAGUE clubs are more than just sporting organizations, they are leaders in their communities and prove it every season through their hometown activities.

The past year has been one of enormous challenges for everyone, but J.LEAGUE clubs were there to lend a helping hand in 2020 through over 15,000 local activities and projects. From educational programs to sustainability practices, providing meals to building facilities, J.LEAGUE clubs across the country backed up their words through action and demonstrated tremendous care in their local area during the pandemic.

One example of the enormous efforts carried out by J.LEAGUE clubs is “Miyamae Gokinjo Gymnastics,” a physical fitness program for the elderly supervised by defending MEIJI YASUDA J1 LEAGUE champions Kawasaki Frontale and broadcast every day on local television. This program helps promote the physical and mental health for local residents during the pandemic and demonstrates the importance of introducing fitness into daily routine.

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Another illustration of these important hometown activities comes from J2 club Giravanz Kitakyushu, whose waterfront stadium isn’t the only coastline they are protecting. Giravanz held the "Sone Tideland Cleanup Campaign" in collaboration with Sone Higashi Elementary School and local residents, a project that worked to recycle 150 kg of plastic waste, protect local wild bird habitats, and provide hands-on environmental education to local youth about the importance of global warming and ocean plastic issues.

These are just two of the many projects carried out by J.LEAGUE clubs to benefit their local communities in myriad ways. For more information, the full hometown activities report is available in Japanese here.


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