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To raise the level of Japanese football and promote the diffusion of the game through the medium of professional football.

To foster the development of Japan's sporting culture, to assist in the healthy mental and physical growth of Japanese people.

To contribute to international friendship and exchange.

Personal Information Management Responsibility

The J.League shall designate a manager to oversee the personal information collected by this Site and ensure that the Privacy Policy is carried out to the strictest of standards.

Personal Information Management Supervisor: Hiroaki Dei, General Manager, J.League Business & Marketing Department, JAPAN PRO FOOTBALL LEAGUE

About the Acquisition and Intended Use of Personal Information

At times, this site collects information that can be used to identify individual users (hereby known as 'personal information'). In addition to the storage, use, and analysis of personal information within the sphere of the J.League's activities, the J.League may share this personal information with the J.League Partners and business partners (hereby referred to as 'partners') listed on this website. Personal information will not be shared with third parties (other than partners) without user consent except in the following conditions:

  1. If disclosure of personal information is requested by a court, prosecutor's office, police, bar association, or other similar authority
  2. In the event that site users are found to be causing damage to a third party The J.League exacts preventative measures to ensure that personal information is not accidentally disclosed to third parties.

About Access Logs

The J.League records and maintains an access log which includes IP addresses of users who access this site.

This log is not used for any reasons other than statistical analysis or diagnosing server problems. Statistical analysis is used to understand access trends in order to improve site management.

About Cookies

This site uses tracking cookies which allows the site to display customizable content in line with user interests and preferences. Some web advertising networks may also issue cookies in order to deliver appropriate content to users. Information collected by these cookies is segmented, and no personal information or registration information is shared with these companies. These cookies do not contain personal information.

About Changes to the Privacy Policy

The J.League may at times make appropriate changes to this Privacy Policy. In this event, changes to the Privacy Policy will be announced on this site. After the Privacy Policy is updated, use of this site indicates that the user agrees to the conditions of the updated Privacy Policy.


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